Research and operations

Advanced materials

We research and test advanced materials capable of withstanding intense neutron bombardment and high plasma temperatures without contamination.

Controlling plasma

The development of technologies to control and confine plasma and harness energy from fusion directly into thrust or electricity without the need of a turbine.

Small Module Reactor Design

Revisit and refine existing and theoretical reactor designs that have shown promise even prior to today’s superior computational, material and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Generate Sustained Electricity

Stabilise the fusion process to generate sustained energy whilst developing reactors with D-He3 capability.

About Applied fusion

Applied Fusion Systems focuses on Fusion Power Rocket Thrusters and direct energy transfer from Small Nuclear Reactors.

Fusion Energy is an unavoidable milestone of Human evolution. The Energy source of the Stars is closer than you might think. Clean, Compact and enormously powerful fusion will transform todays technologies and make tomorrow’s possible.

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Applied Fusion Systems
D5 Culham Science Centre
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