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Applied Fusion is assembling a worldwide think-tank featuring not only Atomic, Nuclear and Astro-Physicists amongst other scientists drawn from related engineering fields, but talented people from across the globe with an interest in Fusion Technology.

The think-tank will hold meetings and seminars hosted by our experts to accelerate progress in stages of fusion technology. Fusion scientists are making advancements in superconductors, which have a wide range of industrial applications such as developing super-power lasers and new high-efficiency semiconductor light sources. The fusion community also contributes to large and small-scale robotics whilst pushing the progress of supercomputing and modelling. With a major think-tank initiative, AFS can gain first-mover advantage and conceptualize fusion technology advancements and real-world applications.


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About Applied fusion

Applied Fusion Systems focuses on Fusion Power Rocket Thrusters and direct energy transfer from Small Nuclear Reactors.

Fusion Energy is an unavoidable milestone of Human evolution. The Energy source of the Stars is closer than you might think. Clean, Compact and enormously powerful fusion will transform todays technologies and make tomorrow’s possible.

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