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The fusion sector is growing, we're bringing advanced fabrication and design technologies to humanity's greatest engineering challenge.


What is nuclear fusion?

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  • The ultimate power.

    Our sun, the ultimate source of energy for all life on earth is a fusion reactor, we want to build a mini sun on Earth. Fusion promises clean, practically unlimited energy in a form a million times more concentrated than combustion or other chemical reactions. Fusion has the potential to transform every branch of technology from power stations to space flight. After half a century's work the dawn of fusion energy has begun.

  • Fusion technology.

    Fusion technology holds the promise of providing a nearly inexhaustible supply of energy. Unlike numerous reactors in operation fusion produces neither pollutants nor greenhouse gases. Unlike ‘Nuclear Fission’ it operates without the threat of nuclear meltdown and produces no long lived radioactive waste.

  • Current-generation renewable energy.

    Current-generation renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, and biomass – will continue to add capacity, but their intermittent nature brings severe difficulties to scaling these technologies to base-load electricity demand. Fusion technology holds great promise as a dependable and versatile source of energy. Unlike other fossil fuels it is clean, safe, secure and abundant. We have always looked to the stars for direction, they offer humanity ‘The Perfect Energy Source’ by imitating them.

Applied Fusion
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The modern globalised economy runs on energy, today that means coal, oil and natural gas. All three are dirty, erratically priced and running out. The pressure to develop green sources of energy is mounting, we must not only meet today’s demand but surpass it.

Fusion energy is uniquely placed to satisfy this need; capable of producing one million times more energy than combustion or chemical reactions with a potentially unlimited supply. The primary fuel, called deuterium, is readily available in seawater meaning fusion is also free from the energy security issues of current sources.

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About Applied fusion

Applied Fusion Systems focuses on Fusion Power Rocket Thrusters and direct energy transfer from Small Nuclear Reactors.

Fusion Energy is an unavoidable milestone of Human evolution. The Energy source of the Stars is closer than you might think. Clean, Compact and enormously powerful fusion will transform todays technologies and make tomorrow’s possible.

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