Applied Fusion is a nuclear startup.

Nuclear fusion has a vital role to play in a dazzling array of technologies from rocket thrusters to energy production. We are building a think-tank of internationally renowned scientists to explore commercial opportunities in this sector.

About applied fusion

AFS believes the next 5 years are critical. Global spending on energy research and development must increase. A modern and thriving economy depends on its energy supply. World energy consumption will rise 37% by 2040 (1) driven by growth in developing countries such as China and India. Across the globe, replacing energy infrastructure and expanding capacity to meet growing needs will result in cumulative investments of $53 trillion by 2035 (2). According to the European Fusion Development Agreement, fusion will grow to represent in excess of 36% of the world’s electricity by 2100.

Applied Fusion is registered under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. The company’s investor philosophy is based on procuring investment from individuals with a long-term view to the business, prioritising growth and development before profits.

1: World Energy Outlook 2014, Executive Summary PDF

2: World Energy Investment Outlook 2014 Special Report PDF


About Applied fusion

Applied Fusion Systems focuses on Fusion Power Rocket Thrusters and direct energy transfer from Small Nuclear Reactors.

Fusion Energy is an unavoidable milestone of Human evolution. The Energy source of the Stars is closer than you might think. Clean, Compact and enormously powerful fusion will transform todays technologies and make tomorrow’s possible.

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Applied Fusion Systems
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